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The Jammer men's race suit is suitable for sports competitions. Convenient and comfortable, it has been designed by the engineers of the Jaked research and development laboratories for those who perform frequent workouts. Following the new trends in the industry, the men's Jammer suit is made of a single colur fabric which, when in contact with water, emits light and iridescent reflections. The Jammer race suit, made of 100% bi-elastic and extra-lightweight matetrial (145 gr / m2), was born for the man who always wants to be at the forefront. The differentiated compression of the fabric has been optimized to adhere to the body with lightness, reach the maximum elasticity and reduce friction to a minimum. For this reason, the J-Lab researchers have eliminated thread stitching, to replace them with heat-sealable tapes with high mechanical sealing and defined with the exclusive treatment of hydrophobic ACQUAsuACQUA finishing. The innovative technique, in fact, reduces the contact time between the water and the head, improving the 'slipping' of the costume and, consequently, the performance of the athlete. Available in sizes from 18 to 32, you can choose from various colours.