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The JKATANA FWS women’s competitive swimming costume is made with an innovative fabric that guarantees high performance. The classic racing swimsuit model is synthesized and simplified to the maximum, to keep only the essential features: comfort, ergonomics and practicality. Modern technology and careful studies have yielded a fabric characterized by a particular lightness and elasticity, differentiated according to the zones, increasing the product’s ergonomics. The WATERonWATER treatment actually reduces water absorption, facilitating the hydrodynamics of the body during training or competition. The seams of the garment become almost invisible, achieved through the technique of heat-sealing, contributing to the minimization of the friction effect. The iridescent characteristic of the materials used, which shimmer when in contact with water, benefits even further by the vast range of colours available in this model. Alongside the more classic choices, such as blue and black, are more fresh and feminine shades: various hues of blue and green to recall the reflections of the water, presented alongside such strong and striking colours as orange and fuchsia in pastel tones.